Designer wAIR - balloon couture

Prom Dresses

Make a grand entrance in a dress that is guaranteed to turn heads. When it comes to the Prom, the dress is the most important part. You want a Prom dress to look stunning, be individual, flatter you and attract attention. Having a Prom dress made from balloons does all this and more. With a balloon Prom dress you can be involved with the design process, have the design made individually for you in colours and styles that suit you. The Prom dress will be custom fit to you and will certainly not be a dress anyone else is wearing. If you choose a Prom dress of balloons you are guaranteed to be individual as it is highly unlikely that anyone else will have a Prom dress made of balloons and even if they do, it is even more unlikely that they would choose the same design.

A balloon Prom dress will be made to order and made to fit you perfectly so that you look stunning on this important day and as individual as the transport you choose for this day and all this at a cost of many off the shelf dresses. Why not contact us and discuss your Prom dress requirements.